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Advanced Trendline based on Candle Pivots for Amibroker (AFL)
almost 14 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

5 / 5 (Votes 5)
amibroker, trendlines

This is an advanced trend line drawing indicator that draws trend lines based on candlestick pivot points.


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1. rajankamboj

good one

2. minhanhco123

The AFL this web is very good

3. mae_choi

how to make scanner or explorer on trendline breaks? thanks.

4. morgen

Very good!
Thank you very much.

To mae_choi, try this:

Plot(g3, "\nTDLPivSup", colorBlue, styleThick);
Plot(g4, "\nTDLPivRes", colorRed, styleThick);

Buy  = C>O AND (C>g4 AND C>g3 OR C>g3 AND g3>Ref(g3,-1) AND g4>=Ref(g4,-1))  ;
Sell = g3>C ;

Buy= ExRem(Buy,Sell) ;
Sell= ExRem(Sell,Buy) ;
5. owied

Very good

6. mohammed salem


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