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Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA) for Metastock
over 13 years ago

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metastock, moving average

Developed by Perry Kaufman, Kaufman’s Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA) is a moving average designed to account for market noise or volatility. KAMA will closely follow prices when the price swings are relatively small and the noise is low. KAMA will adjust when the price swings widen and follow prices from a greater distance. This trend-following indicator can be used to identify the overall trend, time turning points and filter price movements.

You can manually create the formula in Metastock or import the file.



Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
Period := Input("Period",1,10000,20);
sc := Abs(RSI(Period)/100 - .5)*2;
If(Cum(1) <= Period, CLOSE, PREV + sc*(CLOSE - PREV))


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