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Alligator Trading System for Metastock
over 12 years ago

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metastock, trading system

This is a trading system that is based on the chaos green and chaos blue alligator indicators. The system is long when the closing price crosses above the chaos green indicator and the chaos green indicator is greater than the chaos blue indicator. The system exits the trade when the closing price crosses below the chaos green indicator and the chaos blue indicator is greater than the chaos green indicator.


Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
{Alligator Blue Balance Line - Jaw}
{13 bar smoothed average offset 8 bars}
Copy & Paste Friendly
{ Enter Long: }

Cross(C,Fml("Chaos Green BL")) AND
Fml("Chaos Green BL") > Fml("Chaos Blue BL")

{ Close Long: }

Cross(Fml("Chaos Green BL"),C) AND
Fml("Chaos Blue BL") > Fml("Chaos Green BL")
Copy & Paste Friendly
{Alligator Green Balance Line - Lip}
{5 bar smoothed average offset 3 bars}


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