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Base System by Gomu Vetrivel for Metastock
almost 13 years ago

5 / 5 (Votes 1)
metastock, trading system

Gomu Vetrivel’s article, “Improving Your Trading System with Speed,” discusses
the value of measuring speed in your trading systems. He uses a basic system
as a control and two variations using speed in different ways. The MetaStock code
and instructions for entering these systems are as follows:

1. Select Tools > the Enhanced System Tester.
2. Click New.
3. Enter a name, “Base System”
4. Select the Buy Order tab and enter the following formula:

Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
Cross( Mov( C, 5, S ), C )
Copy & Paste Friendly
Cross( Mov( C, 10, S ), C )
Copy & Paste Friendly
Cross( C, Mov( C, 5, S ) )
Copy & Paste Friendly
Cross( C, Mov( C, 10, S ) )


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