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Bollinger Band Histogram Trading System for Metastock
almost 13 years ago

5 / 5 (Votes 1)
metastock, trading system

Sell the opening days after the BB Histogram penetrates 100 and buy when it penetrates zero. Add to positions when the BB Histo leaves “above 100” or “below zero” and then “repenetrates” the trigger levels.

I believe this approach has recorded 11 straight S&P winners, with 700+ points. “But Steve, this system must not be working any more because it is losing the last trade you put on”. Right!

My only disclaimer is that I guarantee that I will sell software, charting services and anything else that I can think of to make a “buck” in 2000. In the meantime, suck all the free stuff from me you can copy. And most of all, please note, the biggest antagonists on the list provide absolutely “zero” when it comes to helping you trade. Seek the answers from “within” (with some shortcutting help from people that are willing to share).

Steve Karnish

Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
Enter Long = Close Short

BBHistogram:= (CLOSE + 2*Std(CLOSE,20) - Mov(CLOSE,20,SIMPLE)) / (4*(Std(CLOSE,20))) * 100;

Enter Short = Close Long

BBHistogram:= (CLOSE + 2*Std(CLOSE,20) - Mov(CLOSE,20,SIMPLE)) / (4*(Std(CLOSE,20))) * 100;


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