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Rahul Mohindar Osc (RMO) for Metastock
about 13 years ago

3 / 5 (Votes 2)
oscillator, trading system, metastock

The Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) is a type of technical analysis developed by Rahul Mohindar of Viratech India. It detects trends in financial markets, and is designed to work on Open-High-Low-Close charts for a wide variety of securities including stocks, commodities and FX.

To get this formula working you will need to create all the individual formulas in metastock and also the expert with all its different parts.

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
{Rahul Mohindar Osc (RMO)}
Mov(Fml("Swingtrd 1"),81,E)

{SwingTrd 1}
100 *
(CLOSE - ((Mov(C,2,S) +
Mov(Mov(C,2,S),2,S) +
Mov(Mov(Mov(C,2,S),2,S),2,S) +
Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(C,2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S) +
Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(C,2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S) +
Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(C,2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S) +
Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(C,2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S) +
Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(C,2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S) +
Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(C,2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S) +
Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(Mov(C,2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S),2,S)) / 10)) /
(HHV(C,10) - LLV(C,10))

{SwingTrd 2}
Mov(Fml("SwingTrd 1"),30,E)

{SwingTrd 3}
Mov(Fml("SwingTrd 2"),30,E)


{RMO + SwingTrd + Market Trend}
Bullish Trend:
Mov(Fml("SwingTrd 1"),81,E)>0

Mov(Fml("SwingTrd 1"),81,E)<0

Highlights Sell:
Mov(Fml("SwingTrd 1"),81,E)<0

Highlights Buy:
(Mov(Fml("SwingTrd 1"),30,E)) > 0

Buy Arrow:
Cross( Fml( "swingTrd 2"),Fml( "swingTrd 3") )

Sell Arrow:
Cross( Fml( "swingTrd 3") , Fml( "swingTrd 2"))


1. venkey

not functioning in AMI – I tried several times

2. administrator

This is a Metastock formula.

3. Slavok

Thanks a lot!

4. krishnadas

I have AMIBROKER how is RMO formula insert to the Amibroker. Could anybody explain me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. haddadm


Thanks for the formula but is this forthe whole RMO system or only for the swing trade only as the RMO has 3 differnt oscillator those are the RMO, SWING TRD & SWING EXIT along with the buy/sell arrows and the ribbon at the bottom.

Will you explain more please.

May thanks


6. ali67


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