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Exploration Formula for Intraday for Amibroker (AFL)
almost 14 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 20)
amibroker, exploration, intraday

It is a very good exploration formula for intraday trading. Hope all the members of this site like it.


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1. siddhisagar

get a few syntax errors when using exploration and cannot perform a scan for automatic analysis . i use amibroker 4.80 professional version and i cannot even plot a graph on it.the idea is very good . if you want i can send you a list of syntax errors.

2. administrator

Hi siddhisagar,

This uses features from recent versions of Amibroker like the Gfx functions etc. You will need to upgrade to get it to work I’m afraid.

3. karrgk

How to use this i am using AMI 5.20. Can some one guide me.

4. santho_sd

Hi Admin

I am getting the chart for all stocks but how to get the data as shown in fig attached, plz help me in this u can mail me to Thanks

5. administrator

santho_sd, you need to run an exploration via the Automatic Analysis window.

6. Ravi

Thanks a lot for developing and sharing such a wonderful AFL. May I, request to adv; on what time frame , TF, this AFL should be used for intraday trading.
Thanks again.

7. n_bagadia

hi i was wanting this kind of exploration for 60 minute bars or any other intraday timeframe can u guide…

8. fasttrade

Hi admin and friends,
Thanks for sharing the AFL, runs well but I have few doubts though,
I have tried running exploration real time on 5 min time frame,
what I have observed is as soon as the buy/sell price is triggered the new buy/sell price is shown with new targets.
What I would like to know is whether we need to note the target shown previously and exit at that target or to hold position with trailing stoploss if any.
It would be great if you could guide to use the system so as to make best use of it.

Thanking you in advance.

9. shahitech

Hello sir how to use this indicatore just mail me

10. akhira

Hi i want your help to understand this AFL please call me or mail me my contact number is 9393393669, mail id:

11. agowrishankar

how do use this afl
help please

12. selva_klt

Kinldy help me for how to work this formula
Bcoz show lot of lines and colours

13. vputcha

This is a good AFL and is working well. Many thanks, Vishnu Vandana

14. 13oct08

Thanks for the share, But Did anyone backtest it in Amibroker. I am getting negative results.

Am i doing something wrong in my backtest settings? and this allows only for long positions?

15. niftytop10

i want similar formula for rsc or script weightage in nifty

16. Kalpeshb19


I have seen that .afl and seen all things. But not coming to know how to use..

17. sokkikumar


18. midos1405


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