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Smoothed MA (SSMA) for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 2)
amibroker, moving average

similar to MT4 MODE_SSMA

Similar Indicators / Formulas

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
iPeriod=Param("Period", 5, 1);

ssma = MA(C, iPeriod);

for(i=iPeriod+1; i<BarCount; i++)
   iSum = ssma[i-1]*(iPeriod-1)+Close[i];
   ssma[i] = iSum/iPeriod;

Plot(ssma, "SSMA", ParamColor("Color", colorRed), ParamStyle("Style"));


1. extremist

if u would have checked it u would have found tht it is same as Wilders average. Which is ready to use code in amibroker in average section.

anyways thanx for the logic…!

2. kelvinhand

Thank you very much for your finding.
So now we know

MT4 is Amibroker
= ===
SSMA ==> Wilders

Publish out is to serve as record for future reference purpose.

3. extremist

ha ha ha…… :)

u remember……

4. kelvinhand

Yes, I got good memory.
Using internal command is always faster then script.

5. sourish

Can we get screen shots of the various AFLs posted here? Would be nice and easy to know more abt the functioning.. Thanks.

6. kelvinhand

It is good that you learn to load the MT4 historical data into amibroker and do the comparison yourself is more conclusive then i give you the screenshots.

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