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Guppy GMMA with "derived" Indicator for Amibroker (AFL)
almost 14 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 16)
amibroker, moving average

The usual Guppy GMMA with some “derived” NORMALIZED Indicators. Normalization is required to allow comparison between tickers.

Added indicators are:
a) “Traders Compression” measure the “width” of the Traders Guppy EMAs, related to the EMA
b) “Investors Compression”, same as above, for the long term Guppy EMAs.
c) “TOTAL Compression”, measures the whole Guppy GMMA related to the EMA. This is NOT the same of the sum of the above mentioned compressions.

Guppy Sonar: measures the “gap”, that is the distance, between the two Guppy EMAs, that is bw the longer Traders EMA and the shortest Investors EMA, again normalized with EMAONLY . Can be used more or less as a MACD. If the plotted histogram is positive means that the Traders EMAs is above the Investors EMAs so the trend is positive. Conversely if the plotted histogram is negative.

The original idea is from an Italian trader, Giovanni Trombetta, owner of the site (in Italian only).

The Pane can display alternatively (see figure):
a) usual Guppy GMMA (light grey background color)
b) Compression Indicators
c) Guppy Sonar indicator


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1. administrator

Excellent submission dalmas.

2. cnbondre

Never thought of this!
Superb work. thanks a lot for sharing.


3. chsmcp

is there a formula also for metastock?

4. administrator

Hi chsmcp

No there isn’t I’m afraid. It would be a lot of work to do in Metastock because it doesn’t have very good programming capabilities.

5. yuniist


Comment hidden - Show
7. am944


8. herlinamanalu


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