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Winston System for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 6)
trading system, amibroker, candlestick, pattern, pivots

Trading system based on candlestick patterns taken from the inditraders forum.


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1. jarjis_sk

Formula is notworking could you please check once again
This the error we are getting:

shootingStar=/*(NOT largeBody AND smallLowerShadow AND LargeUpperShadow) OR*/ 
    smallLowerShadow AND NOT doji A

Error 29.

Variable ‘doji’ used without having been initialized.

2. administrator

Works fine for me. What version of Amibroker are you using? Also try adding

doji = False;

just before line 50 and see if that solves your problem.

3. jarjis_sk

Yes,Now it is working fine

Thank you

4. rashedbgd

Excellent ! It works with me fine. Grateful for sharing such a wonderful formula !

5. ashwin74

very nice indicator, thanks a lot

6. RTP

Thank you

7. tito20

huiminglauw pls tel me how its work and gave me another name of grate afl

8. tito20

administrator gave me another name of grate afl

9. darshit
respected huiminglauw

can you guide me how to use this afl
i will great full to you if you could help me in this matter..

10. StockJock

Does this code have anything to do with the 3 Level ZigZag method? It looks similar.

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