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Moving Average Convergance and Consolidation for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 6)
macd, trading system, amibroker, exploration, pivots

Buy sell signal based on macd consolidation.


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1. siddhisagar

theres nothing lile this i have seen before , excellent work guys , i could even bet a million dollors on this indicator

2. sacanbu

dear siddhisagar, i bet u would loose yr million dollar coz this formula refers on future. It seems that the formula references FUTURE quotes.
If you backtest this system you may receive outstanding results
that CAN NOT be reproduced in real trading. GOOD LUCK THOUGH

3. administrator

sacanbu is correct be VERY careful with indicators that reference future quotes.

4. siddhisagar

hmm , yes that quite right what you are saying . I have been monitoring this system on a realtime basis and do observe that the system does shift its indicators every now and then , you have any better ones that you can suggest?

5. siddhisagar

and one more thing istead of only the red /green indicators this formula also give out a yellow indicator and of that i am not too sure what that is?

6. administrator

Hello, there are many great formulas on this site just take the time to look at them and avoid those that use pivots for buy and sell. You can start with a search for ADX.

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