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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use SetFormulaName

AMA System by Karthikmarar
Submitted by kaiji about 10 years ago
Vier 4P Analysis
Submitted by Bonkers almost 10 years ago
Price Breakout Detection Exploration
Submitted by kaiji almost 10 years ago
KAMA System Complete
Submitted by bower almost 10 years ago
Weekly SMA System with ATR Stop
Submitted by na1982 almost 10 years ago
Triangular Moving Average
Submitted by amruta almost 10 years ago
AFL Example for New Comers
Submitted by amitabh almost 10 years ago
KAMAS system 1.0
Submitted by ankit_vij2000 almost 10 years ago
SMA Indicator for intraday
Submitted by hmsanil over 9 years ago
Miftha exploration
Submitted by coolpace over 9 years ago
double top in an uptrend
Submitted by caveroute over 9 years ago
Submitted by rajaswamy about 9 years ago
Kama System
Submitted by rakhi_menon over 8 years ago
Buy-Sell Signals (Modified)
Submitted by MTHassan over 8 years ago
NMN Bollinger Entry
Submitted by dayTrader almost 8 years ago
NMN TradeMarks
Submitted by dayTrader over 7 years ago
SeƱales de entrada y salida
Submitted by yayo88 over 6 years ago
NMN Chart Stamp
Submitted by dayTrader over 5 years ago
Target Achiever
Submitted by yogi365 over 4 years ago
Profit Target - Intraday Indicator
Submitted by o0000o over 4 years ago
Average/Typical Price Oscillator
Submitted by d9 about 4 years ago
Rsi 2 Trading Strategy
Submitted by nxtzone over 3 years ago
Magical Trend Indicator
Submitted by trade12 over 2 years ago
Triangular Moving Average
Submitted by Foyej Ahmed Khan over 7 years ago
KAMA System Complete with Candlestick Pattern
Submitted by arm almost 10 years ago