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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use AddToComposite

TechTrader v2 System and Explorer
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
Weighted Index
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
The Relative Slope Pivots
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
20 Day High's vs new 20 Day lows
Submitted by indranil999 over 9 years ago
Heat Map
Submitted by dpokerjoker about 9 years ago
Miftha Advance Scan & Indicator
Submitted by coolpace about 9 years ago
Bullish Percent Index
Submitted by EliStern over 8 years ago
Swing chart
Submitted by richarddu over 8 years ago
USING A TC indicaor
Submitted by sdsd about 8 years ago
KNP analysis 1
Submitted by kushal about 8 years ago
30 week high indicator
Submitted by ck1250 over 7 years ago
bad tick clean
Submitted by pious243 over 6 years ago
Breadth Indicator
Submitted by mmore almost 2 years ago
Detailed Equity Curve
Submitted by kaiji about 9 years ago
Number of stocks above/under MA(9)
Submitted by rongreu over 8 years ago