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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use Ultimate

Smoothed RSI Buy Signals
Submitted by brevco over 9 years ago
Adaptive Zones O_B & O_S Oscillator
Submitted by esnataraj over 9 years ago
Disparity Index & Adaptive Zones
Submitted by morgen over 9 years ago
Smooth Rsi Buy
Submitted by aminctg about 9 years ago
Matrix Series
Submitted by RAB about 9 years ago
Submitted by paragcpatil over 8 years ago
all in one
Submitted by ankit dargan over 8 years ago
Flower Indicator
Submitted by niladri over 7 years ago
Submitted by pipstocks over 6 years ago
Swing 90%
Submitted by duong7128986 over 6 years ago
Submitted by trader888 almost 6 years ago
Many Charts in One
Submitted by EliStern almost 2 years ago