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Three Shift Indicator for Amibroker (AFL)
about 14 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 12)
amibroker, moving average

Three Shift Indicator can be used on the 3 Minute, 13 Minute, and 60 Minute

Charts for Day Trading. It is taken from the book, Secrets of the

Underground Trader by Jea Yu and Russell Lockhart … Advanced Methods for

Short Term and Swing Trading Any Market.

The Three Shift Indicator is taken from the book, Secrets of the Underground Trader by Jea Yu and Russell Lockhart … Advanced Methods for Short Term and Swing Trading Any Market. The 3 Period Displaced Moving Average is used as the primary indicator. White Line (3 DMA) crossing above Green Line (5 EMA) is the signal to go long. White Line (3 DMA) crossing below Red Line (15 EMA) is the signal to go short. The indicator can be used on the 3 Minute, 13 Minute, and 60 Minute Charts. The Three Shift is used as a early signal to alert that a Breakout or Breakdown is coming. One Caveat – ALWAYS let the Three Shift cross THROUGH before entering a trade. It can often give you a lead time of up to six minutes before the rest of the world realizes that the uptrend or downtrend has been formed. Wait for the cross THROUGH because many times it will touch and appear to be crossing only to reverse. You will have plenty of time to trade once the Three Shift crosses. The Green and Red Lines are to allow the trader to view the actual trend without being distracted by the noise of the price action. Page 17.

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
_SECTION_BEGIN("Three Shift Indicator");


// Formula Name: Three Shift Indicator - Daytrading

// Author/Uploader: Tommy Beard 

// E-mail:

// Date/Time Added: 2005-12-31 04:56:47

// Origin: 

// Keywords: Indicator, Trading System, EMA, MA, Crossovers

// Level: basic

// Flags: system,indicator



//The Shifted EMA - Default is 3 Period and -3 Lead/Lag 

EMAPeriod = Param("Fast EMA",3,1,25,1);

DisplacementPeriod = Param("Shift",-3,-25,25,1);

//Plot the Lines


Plot(EMA(Close, 5 ), "5 Wk EMA", colorBrightGreen, styleLine | styleThick);

Plot(EMA(Close, 15 ), "15 Wk EMA", colorDarkRed, styleLine | styleThick);

Title = Name() + " " + Date() + EncodeColor(colorIndigo) + " " + C + WriteVal(ROC( Close, 1) ) + "%" + EncodeColor(colorBlue) + " Three Shift Indicator ";



1. mahesh.aranake

Dear Admin – does this indicator look into the future?

2. filinta

thanks ..

3. administrator

mahesh.aranake it can depending on the parameters you choose. If you pick a positive ‘Shift’ parameter it will.

4. swot9

good indicator..!!!

back tested and show very good result…


5. arm


6. mediaworks

plz add buy sell arrow

7. gholamreza

thanks ..good.

8. Amitrader

Very good indicator. I trade with this indicator only. Thanks

9. hmsanil

Hello dear admin

Does this default settings Looks into future

DisplacementPeriod = Param(“Shift”,-3,-25,25,1);


10. administrator

If “Shift” param is negative then yes it will be future looking.

11. hmsanil

Thanks Admin

12. parfumeur

I’m not using the indicator, BUT, from the comments, am I correct in noting that either ‘positive OR negative ’Shift’ parameter will cause a look into the future?? So… it ALWAYS into the future?!

13. hmsanil

Hello parfumeur,

No the indicators looks into future only when it is Negative.When it is positive it would not look into future.

14. systemtrader

Dear Admin -Param(“Shift”,-3,-25,25,1) this has to be changed to Param(“Shift”,3,25,25,1) for the indicator to not look into future right ?

15. administrator

Change it to Param(“Shift”,3,1,25,1)

16. systemtrader

Thanks Admin, hmmm after changing it to the settings it has stopped looking promising…can u plz also guide the best settings for this as the white line has become too slow to cross any of the other two.

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