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Trend Quality Indicators for Amibroker (AFL)
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 13)
oscillator, amibroker

Originally described in Stocks & Commodities April 2004, by David Sepiashvili.
The trend-quality indicator (or Q-indicator) is a trend detection and estimation tool that is based on a two-step filtering technique. It measures cumulative price changes over term-oriented semicycles and relates them to ‘noise.’ The approach reveals congestion and trending periods of the price movement and focuses on the most important trends, evaluating their strength in the process. The indicator is presented in a centered oscillator and banded oscillator format.

Both Q-Indicator (the Trend Quality one) and the B-Indicator (trend-noise Balance Indicator) can be displayed (alternatively).

Different crossover signals can be easily added by just adding the required string in ParamList (the string SHALL follows the convention ?MA m1,m2 where ?MA is the MA type (EMA, SMA or WMA) and m1,m2 are the period ALWAYS in 2 digits (i.e. 5 shall be written as 05)

Q-indicator has 3 levels: 2(+/-) and 5(+/-): 0 to 2 means weak or NO trend; 2 to 5 means moderate trend, >= 5 means strong trend (Up trend if positive, Down trend if negative).

B-Indicator fluctuates between 0 to 100. It is better suited to identifies overbought/oversold levels. It has 2 levels: 65 and 80. 0 to 65 means NO or weak trend, 65 to 80 means moderate trend and >= 80 means strong trend.

I like this indicator since it is quite “agnostic” about the chosen parameters (Obviously the crossover MAs do matter !!).


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1. mahesh.aranake

Wonderful AFL – Can someone guide me on how to create exploration for those stocks which have started trending (B above 65 and Q above 5)

Also how can one add buy sell signals

2. Pascal SAMSON

Very goog AFL to detect congestion.


3. waleedis

Very goog AFL to detect congestion.

5. 143manas

I want this indicator, how to get this….. plz mail to

6. administrator

Please read the rules. Some formulas require a contribution to this site.

7. lam11111

I want this indicator

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Comment hidden - Show
10. haider

I have contributed 3 indicator ,but not able to see this afl.plz help

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