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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use ParamTrigger

VierBox by DF
Submitted by ehsan over 9 years ago
Button trading
Submitted by krrish almost 10 years ago
Vier Box
Submitted by gg almost 10 years ago
Heat Map
Submitted by dpokerjoker over 9 years ago
Submitted by emonsyl over 9 years ago
USING A TC indicaor
Submitted by sdsd over 8 years ago
Time-Based Trend
Submitted by svroy over 8 years ago
Super Trend
Submitted by ginto almost 6 years ago
Submitted by st3v3 over 5 years ago
Submitted by DDZA2555 over 5 years ago
ATR stop loss indicator
Submitted by trueind over 4 years ago
Least Squares Channel Indicator
Submitted by empottasch over 4 years ago