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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use LastVisibleValue

VWAP Bands v2
Submitted by MagicTH almost 8 years ago
LarryJR System
Submitted by TradersZone over 7 years ago
phi 1.618 - part 2 dt 21-05-2013
Submitted by phitrade1.618 almost 7 years ago
Submitted by st3v3 over 5 years ago
Submitted by DDZA2555 over 5 years ago
Alternative ZIG type function 2
Submitted by kelvinhand almost 5 years ago
Support Resistant
Submitted by st3v3 over 4 years ago
BB + TrendLines
Submitted by LOVEENAJYOTHI over 4 years ago
Least Squares Channel Indicator
Submitted by empottasch over 4 years ago
Submitted by empottasch about 3 years ago
Cubic Splines
Submitted by piptrader over 2 years ago