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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use AMA2

swing trading
Submitted by priya over 7 years ago
Moving Average Band
Submitted by NTA about 7 years ago
Candlestick Analysis
Submitted by kaiji about 10 years ago
Ribbon Trading System
Submitted by trader22 about 10 years ago
Simple Trading System
Submitted by skanker almost 10 years ago
Intraday Swing Trading
Submitted by sunjeev_agrawal almost 10 years ago
Trend Quality Indicators
Submitted by dalmas almost 10 years ago
Yasu With BB
Submitted by tukinem_bbc almost 10 years ago
Trend Quality Indicator
Submitted by indrajit_16 almost 10 years ago
Market Guru
Submitted by ycpatel2000 almost 10 years ago
4-Day-Range Switch
Submitted by santho_sd over 9 years ago
miftha indicator
Submitted by coolpace over 9 years ago
Candlestick Evaluation
Submitted by olive over 9 years ago
Intraday Trend rajaswamy
Submitted by rajaswamy over 9 years ago
Kumaran Trend Surrogate
Submitted by raj_guna2011 over 8 years ago
Buy-Sell Signals (Modified)
Submitted by MTHassan over 8 years ago
Vidya indicator
Submitted by subhas801 over 8 years ago
Marlyn't NewMomo
Submitted by genkumag about 8 years ago
Lemenchus with target and stoploss
Submitted by johnnypareek about 8 years ago
Commodity Pro
Submitted by aashish51 about 8 years ago
Trade Simple
Submitted by ajeet almost 8 years ago
BuySell with 4 Targets
Submitted by cssingh over 7 years ago
Submitted by letsgrownow over 7 years ago
SeƱales de entrada y salida
Submitted by yayo88 over 6 years ago
Kavach Of Karna v1
Submitted by hbkwarez over 5 years ago
Kavach Of Karna v2
Submitted by hbkwarez over 5 years ago
Day Trading System
Submitted by bsedoha about 5 years ago
Filter of Stock
Submitted by duyqpc over 4 years ago
Many Charts in One
Submitted by EliStern over 2 years ago
Herrick Payoff Index (HPI)
Submitted by oceanic 11 months ago