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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use Equity

Supertrend v5
Submitted by sksravan almost 3 years ago
Center of Gravity Oscillator
Submitted by Peixoto over 9 years ago
Ichimoku v2
Submitted by Alok over 9 years ago
'R' Channel
Submitted by sasajib over 9 years ago
Submitted by tallulah about 9 years ago
mutlitime frame with trendline
Submitted by nsetraderonline about 9 years ago
open brake system
Submitted by pit65 about 9 years ago
double top in an uptrend
Submitted by caveroute about 9 years ago
Miftha remix for dse
Submitted by coolpace about 9 years ago
Fundamental Data SCAN
Submitted by mahsud about 9 years ago
Miftha Advance Scan & Indicator
Submitted by coolpace about 9 years ago
Submitted by moapereira almost 9 years ago
Submitted by rajaswamy almost 9 years ago
EMA crossover
Submitted by Ketan-0 over 8 years ago
Adaptive Price Zone (APZ)
Submitted by AndrewThomas over 8 years ago
WMA Crossover BUY & SELL Signal
Submitted by winwin526 about 8 years ago
fundamental explorer
Submitted by Aviator1123 about 8 years ago
ZEMA-atr-trading system
Submitted by rds over 7 years ago
Center of Gravity new Verson
Submitted by classy over 7 years ago
Trending Wave 2 System
Submitted by Dryden over 7 years ago
visual price levels
Submitted by Dryden over 7 years ago
Detrended Price Oscillator System
Submitted by anandnst about 7 years ago
Submitted by RAMRENDRA5 over 4 years ago
Solar Super Trend v4.1
Submitted by hbkwarez over 4 years ago
Supertrend V4.0
Submitted by thangnd.1211 almost 4 years ago
Bollinger Band ZigZag Indicator 4
Submitted by suresh027 over 3 years ago
Chandelier Exit v2 by Geoff Mulhall
Submitted by akxsat over 9 years ago
Supertrend V 5.0
Submitted by kailashtindwani over 3 years ago