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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use SetForeign

Nakshatra Trading system
Submitted by rsdprasad almost 8 years ago
Buy Sell Nifty (Combination Formula)
Submitted by ajeet almost 8 years ago
Submitted by vinodsekariyer over 7 years ago
Submitted by vishyvishy over 9 years ago
Dhiraj System
Submitted by mariapparaja1 over 9 years ago
NMA-swing-trading-system-NMA I.T v-3
Submitted by cnbondre over 9 years ago
Heat Map
Submitted by dpokerjoker about 9 years ago
Submitted by emonsyl about 9 years ago
double top in an uptrend
Submitted by caveroute about 9 years ago
Submitted by miheer123 over 8 years ago
Submitted by tsunamizawa over 8 years ago
Summary of Holdings
Submitted by AndrewThomas over 8 years ago
Raptor II for next day
Submitted by y2k_netizen over 8 years ago
USING A TC indicaor
Submitted by sdsd about 8 years ago
Cumulative TICK Histogram
Submitted by buchacek over 7 years ago
Cumulative TICK Moving Average
Submitted by buchacek over 7 years ago
Submitted by dcarlson over 7 years ago
Buy Sell Nifty ver 2
Submitted by ajeet over 7 years ago
Submitted by vinay about 7 years ago
15 minute intraday
Submitted by rajeshsingh75 about 7 years ago
Nifty Trading System
Submitted by makaran2 almost 7 years ago
Submitted by trader888 almost 6 years ago
TTM Squeeze (Foreign)
Submitted by jbalaji87 over 5 years ago
Stress Indicator - Moddified
Submitted by MA5YK over 4 years ago
Bull/Bear spread by ""
Submitted by ashmita over 3 years ago
Think-Algo Modify
Submitted by pichitwat almost 3 years ago
Lentz Volatility Indicator
Submitted by ronlon over 2 years ago
Momentum Rotation Strategy
Submitted by vishy32 about 2 years ago
TTS system V 3
Submitted by jaipal7786 over 6 years ago
percentage expo
Submitted by jaipal7786 over 6 years ago
Plot Foreign Volume
Submitted by dawud over 1 year ago
Multiple Chart
Submitted by krrish over 9 years ago