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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use ParamStr

Stocks Performance Comparison
Submitted by soulme almost 2 years ago
Pairs Ratio CCI
Submitted by aucn about 9 years ago
RSI of Pairs ratio
Submitted by aucn about 9 years ago
Relative power (
Submitted by Andrew777k about 9 years ago
Submitted by emonsyl about 9 years ago
compare sector
Submitted by leedat almost 9 years ago
Hull JMA function
Submitted by phester over 8 years ago
Submitted by sfialok over 8 years ago
Compare stock
Submitted by clarken over 8 years ago
Normalized difference
Submitted by danice about 8 years ago
Golden and Dead Cross
Submitted by idumall about 8 years ago
The Volume Bigot
Submitted by vargasc1 almost 8 years ago
Advanced Intermarket Analysis AFL
Submitted by dendo over 7 years ago
My 8
Submitted by Ketan-0 over 7 years ago
Submitted by ammeet over 7 years ago
Submitted by dcarlson over 7 years ago
MACD Divergence Detector
Submitted by prasadbrao about 7 years ago
General Market Exploration by XeL
Submitted by xel almost 7 years ago
Combination of MFI and Momentum
Submitted by nalin Soni over 6 years ago
Found Pair Trading
Submitted by av1428 over 6 years ago
Submitted by jaipal7786 over 6 years ago
PRA TTS v1.1
Submitted by jaipal7786 over 6 years ago
Visual BackTest V2
Submitted by sethmo over 5 years ago
Submitted by jaipal7786 over 5 years ago
Maual Trading Control for NEST/NOW
Submitted by ranjicgnr over 4 years ago
AutoTrade Control For NEST/NOW
Submitted by ranjicgnr over 4 years ago
RSCMansfield Semanal
Submitted by txemame almost 4 years ago
Yogya Daily Trading Guide Version 2.0
Submitted by ameheta over 3 years ago
Bull/Bear spread by ""
Submitted by ashmita over 3 years ago
Manual tester
Submitted by maxign about 3 years ago
Manual Tester in English
Submitted by crave about 3 years ago
Breadth Indicator
Submitted by mmore over 1 year ago
Pairs Ratio Plot
Submitted by aucn about 9 years ago
Beta Explorer & Indicator for stocks
Submitted by nimchand over 4 years ago
High Beta Stock Scanner
Submitted by Peeyush91084 about 2 months ago
Compare 2 Stocks
Submitted by xuanhungaof about 2 months ago