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amibroker pattern exploration
metastock momentum
Improved EMA
over 13 years ago

Improved Exponential Moving Average with crossover signals output choice. _Author: Jose Silva at metastocktools.com_

2 Comments Tags:metastock, moving average
Miftha Advance Scan & Indicator

You can use this AFL in two ways. 1. Market scan for buy and sell signals and 2. as an indicator.

9 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker, exploration
Random Walk Index

The random walk index (RWI) indicator attempts to determine if a stock's price movement is random or the result of a statistically significant trend. The random walk index attempts to determine whe...

1 Comment Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Super TEMA

This indicator highlights the trend of the price using the TEMA indicator. The trend is detected using a crossover between a slower TEMA and a faster TEMA. The crossover parameters in this indicato...

3 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, moving average
Bill Williams Market Facilitation Index
over 13 years ago

The Market Facilitation Index, developed by Dr. Bill Williams, reproduces volume and price characteristics. In order to interpret this indicator you shouldn't care about absolute values but rather ...

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, ninjatrader
Volume Spike Exploration

Demo code by Progster in response to this thread "here()": and posted in this "thread()":

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, exploration
Detailed Equity Curve
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

While equity curve line and equity curve area graphs are on a trade by trade basis the detailed equity graphs is on a bar-by-bar basis. You see the original equity curve and the accumulated MAE, MF...

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, equity curve
Matrix Series
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

I have got the AFL from bdtrader forum by Mr.Rafi vai(Metal),the AFL is about Accumulation/Distribution which i would like to share with you guys..

20 Comments Tags:amibroker, bands
Neural Network Powered Smooth/Predictive RSI

The following formula was create using the new version of the WiseTrader Toolbox which can compile trained neural networks to AFL. Yellow RSI - This is the 14 day neural network powered predicti...

17 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker, neural network
ADX with Buy and Sell

Trading in the direction of a strong trend reduces risk and increases profit potential. The average directional index (ADX) is used to determine when price is trending strongly. In many cases, it ...

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, trading system, amibroker
Sahasra 50% mecanical trades

This Code is inspired From the code posted by "Natasha" in the files section of Amibroker groups... I am not a coder ,but i like to blend them to suite my requirements. I wish any professional co...

3 Comments Tags:amibroker, support
MACD and histogram divergence detection
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

This indicator and exploration detects MACD line divergences and crossovers, and also detects MACD divergences. _By: Paul Moore_

2 Comments Tags:oscillator, macd, amibroker, exploration
Fundamental Data SCAN
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

This formula provides B/S signla based on common FA indicators when you SCAN / Explore in AB. Pl note that you MUST have fundamental data for the symboles. Mahsud (

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, exploration, fundamental
Smooth Rsi Buy

This Gives a smoothed Rsi buy signal nice works

2 Comments Tags:oscillator, trading system, amibroker, exploration
Percentage Price Oscillator - PPO
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Percentage Price Oscillator - PPO What Does Percentage Price Oscillator - PPO Mean? A technical momentum indicator showing the relationship between two moving averages. To calculate the PPO, s...

2 Comments Tags:oscillator, trading system, amibroker
Basic Trading System
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

I look at the chart and this is it! It is a simple but efficient trading system.

5 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker
MACD Bullish
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

This formula Generate Buy signal when MACD crossover MACD Signal line and MACD remain under zero

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, macd, amibroker
Miftha remix for dse

Take advantage of Ami 2.5 Param Functionality and to allow for Short Trades as well as Long Trades. The Chandelier Exit is a Volatility based exit.The Chandelier Exit for more detail. Set Scaling ...

0 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker
OBV with MA

Here OBV and MA are plotted together and when OBV is above MA go long and OBV belo MA go short. Wait for confirmation and the angle in which the cross is taking place

0 Comments Tags:amibroker
Advanced Support Resistance

Advanced Support Resistance Good Tool For Turning points in market

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, support, resistance
FRAMA - Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Another form of moving Average that used the fractal theory and ploted by Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) enjoy it good trading

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, moving average
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

TREND DETECTOR by using DEMA - Double Exponential Moving Average of the Stochastic by D. Tsokakis, Apr2003

0 Comments Tags:amibroker
Williams %R with 9 period signal line
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

An interesting phenomena of the %R indicator is its uncanny ability to anticipate a reversal in the security's price. The indicator almost always forms a peak an turns down a few days before the s...

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, trading system, amibroker
double top in an uptrend

Looks for a double top in an uptrend and then buys once price reverses after the final trough. Does not look forwards.

19 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, exploration, pattern
Gann Trend Chart 1
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

enjoy the Gann Trend Chart 1

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, gann
Daily BB

It gives support for buy and sell for EOD daily charts

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, bands
Trix - Colorized version

This colorized and friendly version will help you to easily detect price reversal (buy/sell opportunities)

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
The Quest For Reliable Crossovers

when faster moving average positively crosses the slower moving average then candlestick become green and instantly buy signal generated by the afl and similarly sell signal given when it is negati...

1 Comment Tags:trading system, amibroker, moving average
ATR & Volume Adjusted Momentum

Buy when the moving average become yellow and sell when it and simple....

4 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
5-34 oscilator

Follow the colors and Zero line....when it crosses zero line and go upward then it is a buy signal and if the crossover is negative then it is a sell signal....and when there is a blue shade entry ...

1 Comment Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Mean band

You can buy a stock when candle stick is above the band and in similar way u can sell when the candle stick is below the is really a helpful AFL....

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, bands
RSI with modified rules

I hope this formula of mine will help traders.

3 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Trailing Stoploss
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Guards profit when trend reverses the direction, it should to overlayed on price chart.

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, stop loss
Bull Bear Volume

An approximation of the average Bull Volume component versus the average Bear Volume component of total Volume. Displays an interesting and helpful view of the ebb and flow of Bull and Bear Volume ...

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
compare sector
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Compare sector

2 Comments Tags:amibroker, sector
open brake system
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Brake canal price tested on daily . For trendy markets.

0 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, optimize
Air Bag

Very useful for one Minute chart Inra-Nick Protection "Air Bag" "Each time frame breaks down to approximately one-fifth of the next higher time frame AND approximately five times the next lower ti...

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Volume ROC

Rate of Change Volume (ROCV) is an oscillator applied to volume rather than price and is calculated in the same manner as the Rate of Change (Price) indicator. ROCV highlights increases in volum...

1 Comment Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Balance of Power

The balance of power (BOP) indicator measures the strength of the bulls vs. bears by assessing the ability of each to push price to an extreme level.

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Volume MACD

The VMACD (Volume Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) indicator shows the relationship between two moving averages of volume. VMACD is derived by dividing one moving average by another. It is ba...

1 Comment Tags:oscillator, amibroker