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amibroker pattern exploration
metastock momentum

It is simply a combination of indicators-systems for more efficient buy/sell signals. Thanks the indicators-systems authors!

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Elder Triple Screen Trading System

*Formula Name : Elder Triple Screen Trading System Author : Dennis Skoblar (email id : The Credit goes to the Author : Dennis Skoblar, who created this formula/system...

7 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, exploration, future
Jeff Cooper's Sling Shot Buy

Jeff Cooper's Sling Shot Buy

0 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker
Pivot Breakout Scanner

Simple but effective trading system for floor trading. Find stocks where the pivot has broken out.

2 Comments Tags:amibroker, exploration
NMA-swing-trading-system-NMA I.T v-3

This code is written by Mr.Karthikmarar for swing trading.

7 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, advanced

Most of the time an AFL signals’ a BUY/SELL, "values", among "OPEN, HIGH, LOW or CLOSE", *VALUES* at the selected time frame. Here is an example that gives the *EXACT VALUE* of signals for BUY/...

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R-Squared Jayson Casavant

R-2 attempts to measure a percentage of a stocks movement that can be attributed to Linear Regression. When used in combination with Slope you have a tool that can aid in trend detection. To determ...

0 Comments Tags:amibroker

TRIX or Triple exponential momentum technical indicator is a moving average based technical indicator used to smooth out price changes to find trends and trend changes. The indicator was developed ...

1 Comment Tags:oscillator, amibroker
ZeroLag W%R

Williams %R, or just %R, is a technical analysis oscillator showing the current closing price in relation to the high and low of the past N days (for a given N). It was developed by a publisher and...

5 Comments Tags:ZeroLag, oscillator, amibroker
ZeroLag RSI (colored)

Colored ZeroLag RSI The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a trading indicator in the technical analysis of financial markets. It is intended to indicate the current and historical strength or wea...

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
BB Trading

Bollinger bands are a technical analysis tool invented by John Bollinger in the 1980s. Having evolved from the concept of trading bands, Bollinger bands can be used to measure the highness or lowne...

3 Comments Tags:amibroker, bands
Scan Buy Sell & BB

It's a simple and efficient system for detection buy/sell signals and more, based on Bollinger Bands and others. It is more efficient-credible when buy-signal appears after a BB-squeeze.

0 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, bands
Tom DeMark Range Expansion Index

Tom DeMark's REI indicator oftentimes gives leading signals before other indicators begin signaling. Use this together with other leading indicators, for signal confirmation. This version also incl...

1 Comment Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Bollinger Band Squeeze & Expansion

Anyone can introduce this to your trading chart its for Bollinger Bank Squeeze & Expansion Color

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, bands

Opening Range Break-out with position sizing and G M M A base. Adjust the time as per your market time at Ln 42 & Ln 43 and Ln 111 & Ln 112 of the code useful for intraday.

2 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, exploration, moving average
Stocks trading in a tight range EXPLORATION AFL

HERE IS A SMALL CODE USEFULL FOR INTRADAY AS WELL AS FOR EOD You may want to try the code below to find stocks that are trading in a range OR band. The idea is to take a look at the Highest closi...

6 Comments Tags:amibroker, exploration
GMMA-With indicator

Here is a well known Guppy multiple moving average useful for intraday with an indicator for bar count,Buy and Sell signal and HH-HL-LL-LH for better understanding of entry and exit points.

3 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, exploration, moving average
Candlestick above SMA 20

Shows signals if candle above sma 20. Buy if candle above sma 20 and sell if bellow sma 20. Be careful about false signals it is safer if you wait for confirmation from the next candle or you wait ...

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, moving average

Kagi Chart Interpretation Kagi charts are an excellent way of viewing the underlying supply and demand of a market. When the most recent kagi line is thick (and GREEN), it indicates that demand...

2 Comments Tags:amibroker, kagi
Ichimoku AFL
over 9 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

A bullish Signal occurs when the Tenkan-Sen (RED line) crosses the Kijun-Sen (BLUE line) from below. Conversely, a bearish Signal is issued when the Tenkan-Sen crosses the Kijun-Sen from above. ...

1 Comment Tags:trading system, amibroker, exploration, ichimoku
Guppy GMMA with "derived" Indicator

The usual Guppy GMMA with some "derived" *NORMALIZED* Indicators. Normalization is required to allow comparison between tickers. Added indicators are: Compressions: a) "Traders Compression" ...

8 Comments Tags:amibroker, moving average
Three track

Intraday Trading system

0 Comments Tags:amibroker
AFL Example for New Comers

This is an attempt to provide a basic trading system AFL. The system is purely imaginary AND NOT provided as one that would make money. This is just to provide a guide to learners on the common co...

4 Comments Tags:amibroker
ABKP Benchmark Bar

the Benchmark Bar Up must exceed the High of the prior two bars AND close above the high of the prior two bars. And, naturally Fast 2 must be blue to confirm the momentum strength of the POWER ...

7 Comments Tags:amibroker, stop loss
Ehlers Smoothed Adaptive Momentum

Smoothed Adaptive Momentum is a formula converted from the tradestation code described from the book "Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures". Original Author : John Ehlers Source : Cyberne...

2 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Vier Box
over 9 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

It has been observed that most of the technical anlysts are bogged down with series of indicators and hardly have time to trade. I call it "complexomenia" with "analysis & paralysis" symptom. Answe...

20 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker
Pivot Trading All-In-One

Pivot Trading All-In-One. Suryo Pivot, FB Pivot, dan Gado-gado pivot dalam satu formula very good afl for pivot trading

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, pivots
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Pivots

I found this afl author unknown,but its very useful for daytrading, buy above the trend in pivot, sell below the trend and sl will be the first price above the trend in case of short and vise versa.

2 Comments Tags:amibroker, pivots
MACD with BB Squeeze

MACD with BB Squeeze with alerts. Not much more you can say here.

0 Comments Tags:macd, amibroker, alerts
Great Summary
over 9 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Allow users to track the position of a stock to by how many percent it is from MA lines. Users will also receive BUY and SELL signal from RSI, MFI as well as TRIX indicators.

3 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker, alerts
Adaptive Zones O_B & O_S Oscillator

Adaptive Zones OB/OS OSCILLATOR Automatically Adjusts the overbought and oversold levels based on past performance. Interpreted and coded by Anthony Faragasso. Can be used with PrePackaged indica...

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker, adaptive
Moving Average Difference

Follow the buy and sell arrows on the chart.

4 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, moving average
Stop Loss Indicator

This indicator plots a stop loss on a chart. It works for both long and short.

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, stop loss
Bollinger %B

As reported in S&C magazine of May 2010.

3 Comments Tags:amibroker, bands
Percentage Price Oscillator
over 9 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Percentage Price Oscillator using two EMA's and a signal line. The first parameter value is an n-period EMA that is subtracted from another n-period EMA (the second parameter). The third parameter ...

3 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Price Chart - Fundamental
over 9 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Price charts with PE, EPS, EPS Yield Dividend and Dividend Yield. _By MTR Investors Group - MTRIG.com_

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, fundamental
BB and Keltner Squeeze

Bollinger bands and Keltner bands squeeze formula

2 Comments Tags:amibroker, bands, alerts
Radar for The Foundation
over 9 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

This Radar afl is a combination for Southwind's foundation. It has heiken trend indicator as well as macd and histogram with buy sell arrows, with various indicators as bearish hook and bullish ...

9 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker, exploration
Ichimoku v2
over 9 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

I found another one of them, but this does not have clouds Optimizer can be used to find optimum periods for SL and TL.

2 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, ichimoku, optimize
Chaloke Not-so-simple Moving Average

This formula is a trend-following system. Credit goes to Uncle Chaloke and K'Kook (

0 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, moving average, chaloke