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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use cos

Submitted by shithil over 7 years ago
Swiss Army Knife Indicator (SWAK)
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
AMA System by Karthikmarar
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
KADX by Karthimarar
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
Gaussian Moving Average
Submitted by vishyvishy over 9 years ago
KAMA System Complete
Submitted by bower over 9 years ago
Sine Wave Indicator
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
Special KADX Oscillator
Submitted by investor over 9 years ago
Ehlers Smoothed Adaptive Momentum
Submitted by tradestrong over 9 years ago
KAMAS system 1.0
Submitted by ankit_vij2000 over 9 years ago
mutlitime frame with trendline
Submitted by nsetraderonline about 9 years ago
Hilbert Sine Wave
Submitted by yyttyy2010 almost 9 years ago
Trigonometric Fit
Submitted by knifeman almost 9 years ago
Kama System
Submitted by rakhi_menon over 8 years ago
VPA v1.2 + KBrain v1.1 Advanced
Submitted by MTHassan about 8 years ago
Submitted by classy almost 8 years ago
Volume Zone Ocillator - Moddified
Submitted by MA5YK over 4 years ago
EBSW Even Better Sine Wave
Submitted by sal157011 over 4 years ago
Fourier Transform
Submitted by bigblue53 over 3 years ago
Sine Wave indicator by John Ehlers
Submitted by vipul_84 almost 3 years ago
AR Prediction
Submitted by kuwait over 9 years ago