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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use SectorID

Vier 4P Analysis
Submitted by Bonkers over 9 years ago
PS Fractal System
Submitted by bower over 9 years ago
Ichimoku Cloud Charts
Submitted by Alok over 9 years ago
Heikin Ashi ( Zerolag tema) system
Submitted by mauro24 over 9 years ago
Arvind' System
Submitted by akdabc about 9 years ago
Gann Trend Chart 1
Submitted by walid about 9 years ago
Submitted by Pascal SAMSON almost 9 years ago
Apple Indicator
Submitted by ranjitc_76 almost 9 years ago
Submitted by rajaswamy almost 9 years ago
Yancedolly Bands
Submitted by yancedolly over 8 years ago
modified ichimoku
Submitted by yo123 over 8 years ago
Buaya lucu lucan
Submitted by rock4mayo over 8 years ago
Short Term System
Submitted by wangjia0427 over 8 years ago
Ichimoku Cloud with Trendline
Submitted by Boknoy9999 over 8 years ago
Jobbing System
Submitted by rakhi_menon over 8 years ago
Submitted by bob303 over 7 years ago
Book Profit with 101% garanty
Submitted by wiki about 7 years ago
Optimized Ichimoku AFL
Submitted by jayeshmodi about 7 years ago
Sure Shot
Submitted by mehul_escape almost 7 years ago
Submitted by ritesh.bafna88 almost 7 years ago
Yancedolly Bands V.2
Submitted by yancedolly over 6 years ago
Gooven Afl
Submitted by nira_001 over 6 years ago
Ichimoku TSL V3.0 - phi1.618
Submitted by phitrade1.618 over 6 years ago
Yancedolly Bands V.3.
Submitted by yancedolly about 6 years ago
Yancedolly Bands V.4.
Submitted by yancedolly over 5 years ago
High Ema Low Ema Price Crossover
Submitted by nehal_s143 over 5 years ago
Hook Reversals
Submitted by nehal_s143 over 5 years ago
Yancedolly Bands V.5.
Submitted by yancedolly over 5 years ago
Yancedolly Bands V.6.
Submitted by yancedolly almost 4 years ago
Submitted by ameheta almost 4 years ago
Yogya Daily Trading Guide Version 2.0
Submitted by ameheta almost 4 years ago
MACD Divergences 2
Submitted by filinta almost 9 years ago
MACD and histogram divergence detection
Submitted by dpk23 about 9 years ago