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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use bands

Price Chart
Submitted by jarjis_sk about 10 years ago
Price Bollinger Band & SMA
Submitted by Alok almost 10 years ago
Yasu With BB
Submitted by tukinem_bbc almost 10 years ago
Customise Candles
Submitted by poragnet about 9 years ago
Moving Trend Band
Submitted by Rushabh almost 9 years ago
alcoba zigzag modified
Submitted by radenmasmaksum almost 9 years ago
Detekcja Buy / Sell
Submitted by leszcz over 8 years ago
Trend detection bands
Submitted by Dryden almost 8 years ago
mk 3-80 Intraday for Nifty v1
Submitted by mrkanitkar over 7 years ago
Trend detection Indicator
Submitted by anandnst over 7 years ago
_MultiShow Indicator
Submitted by Dryden over 6 years ago
_MultiShow Indicator *Updated*
Submitted by Dryden over 6 years ago
Top and Bottom Long MA
Submitted by baoaz about 5 years ago
Bolling band normalization
Submitted by trueind over 4 years ago