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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use StrExtract

VierBox by DF
Submitted by ehsan over 9 years ago
Candle Identification
Submitted by kaiji about 10 years ago
Vier Box
Submitted by gg almost 10 years ago
Candle Identification
Submitted by ashokchawla58 almost 10 years ago
Heat Map
Submitted by dpokerjoker over 9 years ago
Submitted by emonsyl over 9 years ago
Accurate results of system (backtest)
Submitted by lmd2286 over 9 years ago
Profit Table – Amibroker
Submitted by ccc over 9 years ago
Summary of Holdings
Submitted by AndrewThomas about 9 years ago
Pulsar System
Submitted by amon almost 9 years ago
Dynamic Pivot
Submitted by B-TA almost 9 years ago
Correlation Table
Submitted by genkumag about 8 years ago
Advanced Intermarket Analysis AFL
Submitted by dendo about 8 years ago
Book Profit with 101% garanty
Submitted by wiki over 7 years ago
Sure Shot
Submitted by mehul_escape over 7 years ago
stocastic smooth buysell screener
Submitted by jaipal7786 over 7 years ago
stocastic oscilator v2 with sbass
Submitted by jaipal7786 over 7 years ago
wise trend indicator
Submitted by jaipal7786 over 7 years ago
Gooven Afl
Submitted by nira_001 almost 7 years ago
Volume Trade with Candle reader
Submitted by Divyesh over 6 years ago
Frecuency Distribution Returns
Submitted by Gsant over 6 years ago
Ahmed's All on One
Submitted by al_fakih about 5 years ago
Submitted by ameheta over 4 years ago
Manual tester
Submitted by maxign almost 4 years ago
Manual Tester in English
Submitted by crave almost 4 years ago
Clear and Scan into Watchlist
Submitted by Tyke over 3 years ago
Momentum Rotation Strategy
Submitted by vishy32 over 2 years ago
TWS Trade Plotter
Submitted by kaiji about 10 years ago
Modified Renko Chart
Submitted by SPASHA over 5 years ago
Market Profile
Submitted by bower about 10 years ago
Multiple Chart
Submitted by krrish almost 10 years ago