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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use SetPositionSize

Supertrend v5
Submitted by sksravan almost 3 years ago
Trend Following System
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
CO8 Trading System
Submitted by hoodle over 9 years ago
KPL System
Submitted by na1982 over 9 years ago
BB-RSI Daytrade
Submitted by Albert over 9 years ago
BB-MACD daytrade
Submitted by Albert over 9 years ago
4 MACD for optimisation
Submitted by DOMINATOR over 9 years ago
open brake system
Submitted by pit65 about 9 years ago
double top in an uptrend
Submitted by caveroute about 9 years ago
Fundamental Data SCAN
Submitted by mahsud about 9 years ago
SAR - Auto Trading System
Submitted by Nman almost 9 years ago
EMA crossover
Submitted by Ketan-0 over 8 years ago
Scanner MACD CrossOver
Submitted by enotes7 over 8 years ago
Swing Trading Modell
Submitted by Baetz about 8 years ago
RSI 2 with Averages
Submitted by MelloTrader about 8 years ago
Multiple system
Submitted by mfmsonic about 8 years ago
Stoch Cross Weekly
Submitted by icanjuli about 8 years ago
Filter Explorer Resume
Submitted by MelloTrader about 8 years ago
fundamental explorer
Submitted by Aviator1123 about 8 years ago
Range Constriction
Submitted by davidh almost 8 years ago
Submitted by morgen almost 8 years ago
Time-Based Trend
Submitted by svroy almost 8 years ago
GANN TREND (tiger)
Submitted by tigernifty over 7 years ago
GANN Levels with TGT & SL
Submitted by niladri over 7 years ago
Trending Wave 2 System
Submitted by Dryden over 7 years ago
suktam pivot based buy-sell
Submitted by navin over 7 years ago
Submitted by amibro69 about 7 years ago
Bollinger Trading system
Submitted by anandnst about 7 years ago
Pivot Levels with good stoploss
Submitted by anandnst about 7 years ago
Submitted by Muralikrishna about 7 years ago
Exellent Trend Catching Indicator
Submitted by Muralikrishna almost 7 years ago
Sini Macd With Price Chart
Submitted by Muralikrishna almost 7 years ago
Intraday Trading
Submitted by nalin Soni almost 7 years ago
suktam fibonaci weekly
Submitted by navin almost 7 years ago
swing system v2
Submitted by jaipal7786 almost 7 years ago
NMA system for future market
Submitted by kenck709 over 6 years ago
RF Mello
Submitted by MelloTrader over 6 years ago
Investing Indicator
Submitted by hemantkrgupta over 6 years ago
Submitted by Muralikrishna about 6 years ago
1 Hr Crude Oil Strategy
Submitted by abhijitbrar over 5 years ago
Submitted by jaipal7786 over 5 years ago
Trend Magic Modified-DR BHOIR GB
Submitted by bhoirGB about 5 years ago
Zero lag EMA
Submitted by APOLLOBIN about 5 years ago
Submitted by RAMRENDRA5 over 4 years ago
Solar Super Trend v4.1
Submitted by hbkwarez over 4 years ago
Fractal breakout best use 5/15mins
Submitted by viraldalal about 4 years ago
BB + TrendLines
Submitted by LOVEENAJYOTHI about 4 years ago
Supertrend V4.0
Submitted by thangnd.1211 almost 4 years ago
IBS - Internal Bar Strength
Submitted by abley over 3 years ago
Elder Impluse with Buy/Sell
Submitted by rana.sanjaym over 3 years ago
Anti-Martingale Trading system
Submitted by snehil2010 over 3 years ago
ADX Trading System
Submitted by bankkomin over 3 years ago
Mean Reversion Trading System
Submitted by snehil2010 over 3 years ago
Intraday Open High Low System
Submitted by snehil2010 over 3 years ago
Submitted by Muralikrishna about 3 years ago
Rsi 2 Trading Strategy
Submitted by nxtzone about 3 years ago
A simple Crude Oil Trading Strategy
Submitted by snehil2010 about 3 years ago
Heikin Ashi Trading System
Submitted by snehil2010 almost 3 years ago
McGinley Dynamic Trading System
Submitted by snehil2010 almost 3 years ago
Volume Breakout Trading System
Submitted by snehil2010 over 2 years ago
Price Chart STO - Basic
Submitted by poramet009 about 2 years ago
Momentum Rotation Strategy
Submitted by vishy32 about 2 years ago
Dynamic Support and Resistance
Submitted by dangnguyenduyngoc almost 2 years ago
Three-Bar Inside Bar Pattern
Submitted by EliStern over 8 years ago
Supertrend V 5.0
Submitted by kailashtindwani over 3 years ago
Mother Candle Formation Strategy
Submitted by joby Kumar over 1 year ago
Force Index Trading System
Submitted by vikassood34 over 1 year ago
Keltner Band Trading System
Submitted by khanh.toquoc about 1 year ago
Reverse Force Index
Submitted by WSTBULL 8 months ago
Modified Triple Momentum Strategy
Submitted by jerrytran almost 2 years ago