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amibroker pattern exploration
metastock momentum

TTF is a nice indicator. it gives accureate signals most of the times. The parameters need to be optimized as per individual shares. I do not know where i got this from but i have bee using this su...

9 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, exploration

The structure of this code was taken from a post made in amibroker yahoo group, i don't remember the post-no, or the author name. This was further modified with some code by Tj. SAHASRA

2 Comments Tags:amibroker, gann
Time and Money chart (HURST Band Like)

I would like to tell you about a formula introduced in May 2003 TRADERS' TIPS magazine. In "Time And Money Charts", Stuart Belknap presented a new charting technique, called TAM chart. Price...

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, bands

Creates trendlines throughout the dataset using "fractal" patterns. Code omits downtrending lower trendlines and uptrending upper trendlines since the idea is that when an uptrending lower trendlin...

7 Comments Tags:trendline, amibroker, fractal
Dynamic Traders Index

Another interesting adaption I found by Karma on karthik's site Blue bands show a strength of the trend — the wider they are, the stronger is the trend. Yellow line indicates the trend’s dire...

0 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
SAR in multiple timeframe

Interesting modification which allows viewing of daily and weekly status of SAR on same chart

0 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, sar
Daily Close Price Histogram

Everyday Close price graph with histogram, which helps spot the High n Low of a Swing. select the param as shown on the pic.

4 Comments Tags:amibroker
Price Oscillator

I used this in the DSE market which gave me good buy sell signals. I've collected it from one of my seniors and haven't modified it. I'm sorry i don't know the author to whom the thanks should go. ...

4 Comments Tags:oscillator, trading system, amibroker
Volume Delivery

This is volume accumulation indicator. need some face uplift but works fine.

1 Comment Tags:trading system, amibroker
Trading System by ISFANDI
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Indonesian AFL by ISFANDI

17 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, support, resistance

Trading bands are lines plotted in and around the price structure to form an «envelope». They are powerful, as they give Buy and Sell signals based on price touching the bands. They answer the qu...

6 Comments Tags:amibroker, bands

Pivot trading system. Beware that pivots are based on future data.

3 Comments Tags:amibroker, pivots

Wonderful AFL added completely R4:-Fib SMA Added R3:-support & Resistance Code Added R2:- Buy & Sell Notes Removed R1: - SMA 5,6 cross over changed to fib 5,8,13,21,34,55,89 system

4 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, exploration, pivots

Trend Following based on exponential moving average of nine. Used on the weekly, daily and 60 minutes charts. More information on

2 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, exploration
Head & Shouders
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Head & Shouders pattern finder.

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, exploration, pattern
Peak & Valley

I found this AFL on tatechnics site of Karthik Marar It has apparently been created by Edward and posted on the site by Karma8 - All credits to the three for the post Dear Admin - Please cautio...

10 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, pivots
VOLUME Greater than Previous 3 day VOLUME

Filtering VOLUME Greater than Previous 3 day VOLUME

3 Comments Tags:amibroker, exploration
Tiger ZIG-ZAG (swing cum positional trade)

Dear Friends, am catch the formula from website, am test the same, am sure very nice one. THE MAIN FORMULA NAME IS ZIG-ZAG REVERSAL INDICATOR, friends try to use and enjoy, very enjoyful.

5 Comments Tags:amibroker, zigzag
Start Green After 3 Bars Red

start green after 3 bars red and rsi < 50

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, exploration
Omo Trade System
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

This is my Trade System. I think you like it. Thank

6 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, zigzag
5/15 high low ema exploration

5/15high & low ema for early & safe buy & sell signals.

4 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, exploration
afl to calculate risk, profit and RR Ratio

First save the formulae through FORMULA EDITOR. Then click on COMMENTARY. Immediately guru chart commentary will open. After that click on formula in guruchart commentary and click on LOAD button a...

2 Comments Tags:amibroker, commentary
Candlestick Pattern Finder

This is an Amibroker exploration formula for finding various candlestick patterns. Here is a list of some of the different patterns it is able to find: * Doji - Formed when opening and closing p...

19 Comments Tags:amibroker, exploration, pattern
market thermometer
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

You need to use this indicator below your price graph for good results.

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, volume
Chaloke Dynamic RSI 1

Chaloke Dynamic RSI 1

1 Comment Tags:oscillator, amibroker
LSS Oscillator
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

BOOK "Sniper Trading" by George Angell 1. Hypothetical 5-Day PeriodFiv-Day C > RR for buy C < SS for Sell 2. LSS Oscillator Red area > Direction Up...

0 Comments Tags:amibroker
export data to file

This afl exports data to a file for further use... i found this on web and sharing this here ...hope will help.. avdut

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, miscellaneous
Asishda Kolkata
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Asishda Kolkata Buy-Sell Indicator

2 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker
ATR Trading System
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Atr Trading System with Support and resistance

0 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker
Intraday Open Price Breakout exploration
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Intraday Open Range Breakout Exploration AFL by GMS What's the open range breakout system ? 1. it identifies the highest price and lowest price reached since open upto the Start Time, 2. Ent...

0 Comments Tags:breakout, amibroker, exploration
Nw High New Low

Simple to find New High and New Low AFL

2 Comments Tags:amibroker, exploration
Stochastic for 4 Hour

Stochastic 4 hourly nice for intraday

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, oscillator, intraday
Bernstein Momentum Indicator

Nice indicator to Find Momentum created by Jake Bernstein, famous Commodity Trader

0 Comments Tags:amibroker
heikin ashi with KPL system

heikin ashi combination with KPL swing making it very powerful swing trading system

4 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, heikin

DV2 is an alternative to RSI. Read more about it here: "DV2()":

1 Comment Tags:oscillator, amibroker
Advanced Trailstop System
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Advanced Trailstop System

1 Comment Tags:amibroker, stop loss
Komunitas Modified
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

This is Komunitas modified by adding modified heiken ashi.... *Requires the foundation plugin installed*

33 Comments Tags:trading system, amibroker, advanced
Ribbon Trigger
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

Nice oscillator. Trade it like any other O/B and O/S oscillator.

3 Comments Tags:oscillator, amibroker
KPL moded
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

KPL formula is modified here.

1 Comment Tags:trading system, amibroker
Scan No of Days Increase

This is used to scan number of days increase of stocks.

0 Comments Tags:amibroker, exploration