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Amibroker (AFL) Indicators That Use exp

Submitted by elliot over 7 years ago
Inverse Fisher Transform
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
Volume Spiker by Southwind
Submitted by street_trader2001 over 9 years ago
N-Root Formula
Submitted by jaredliang over 9 years ago
Ultimate Trend Cycle
Submitted by investor over 9 years ago
FHB Advanced Trading System
Submitted by vishyvishy over 9 years ago
Fibonnacci System
Submitted by vishyvishy over 9 years ago
Ehlers Smoothed Adaptive Momentum
Submitted by tradestrong over 9 years ago
Submitted by nunun about 9 years ago
ATR & Volume Adjusted Momentum
Submitted by Gorilabd almost 9 years ago
FRAMA - Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
Submitted by walid almost 9 years ago
Arnaud Legoux Moving Average
Submitted by vivekjain over 8 years ago
Submitted by rmike over 8 years ago
Demand Indicator
Submitted by nl100 over 8 years ago
Gauss Kernel System
Submitted by Massimo59 over 8 years ago
Trigonometric Fit
Submitted by knifeman over 8 years ago
Candle pivots with trendlines
Submitted by joeoil over 8 years ago
all in one
Submitted by ankit dargan over 8 years ago
Submitted by ravi_8u over 8 years ago
Cup Formation
Submitted by vargasc1 over 8 years ago
demand index
Submitted by maoinsect over 8 years ago
TD DeMarker Plane
Submitted by extremist about 8 years ago
New V spiker Moded-1.50
Submitted by Kutubi almost 8 years ago
SVE Inverse Fisher RSI
Submitted by adesara almost 8 years ago
Submitted by rajaswamy almost 8 years ago
Submitted by classy almost 8 years ago
Submitted by elliot over 7 years ago
Volume Lines
Submitted by hit2010 almost 7 years ago
Fibonacci Trading System
Submitted by prem.aix over 6 years ago
SuppRes+Pivot Buy Sell+MA+Trendline
Submitted by sm_friend about 6 years ago
Submitted by iwan almost 6 years ago
Runs Test Indicator
Submitted by sundarr about 5 years ago
Ahmed's All on One
Submitted by al_fakih over 4 years ago
Volume Zone Ocillator - Moddified
Submitted by MA5YK over 4 years ago
John F. Ehlers Autocorrelation Reversals
Submitted by Unlis about 4 years ago
EBSW Even Better Sine Wave
Submitted by sal157011 about 4 years ago
VPA Relative Vol
Submitted by sal157011 over 3 years ago
Gauss kernel and VolumeOsc Kernel
Submitted by agent309309 over 3 years ago
SVE Inv Fisher
Submitted by FinFreedom1965 over 2 years ago
VSA with Spiker and Traded %
Submitted by saiflingkon over 7 years ago
MultiCycle 1.0
Submitted by mamunbaf9117 over 8 years ago
Premier Stochastic Oscillator
Submitted by kaiji over 9 years ago
AR Prediction
Submitted by kuwait over 9 years ago